Orange Bar

Orange Bar – Items required:

  • Rectangular piece of orange fluorescent paper
  • Cotton Wool
  • Ice cream stick
  • Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
Orange_Bar_Step_1Step 1:
Take a rectangular orange thick fluorescent paper. Double fold it into two equal halves keeping white side upward.
Orange_Bar_Step_2Step 2:
Draw outline of an orange bar and cut the shape.
Orange_Bar_Step_3Step 3:
Your paper cutting will look like this.


Orange_Bar_Step_4Step 4:
Take this layer of cotton and shape it like the paper cutting, but little small than the paper cutting.
Orange_Bar_Step_5Step 5:
Apply adhesive on the non-coloured side of the paper cutting and paste cotton cutting on it.
Orange_Bar_Step_6Step 6:
Take an ice cream stick and apply adhesive on one of its end. Paste it on cotton in the centre.


Orange_Bar_Step_7Step 7:
Now, take some more cotton. Cut and paste it on other piece of paper.
Orange_Bar_Step_8Step 9:
Apply adhesive on the edge of the stick pasted piece and paste the other cut out with cotton on it.
Orange_BarStep 9:
Taste this orange bar.

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