Miss Mouse – Face Painting

Miss Mouse – Face Painting – Come out of your hole Miss Mouse and show us how to look like you!

You need: white, black and pink paint; a red and a black pencil; brush; sponge.
Mouse Face Painting Kit
mouse_features1 – With the black pencil, draw in the features as in the picture. Draw a curve in the middle of your nose joining 2 ovals for the eyes.
mouse_cheeks2 – Draw 2 round cheeks under your eyes. The bottom of your face looks like a huge mouth. Draw a black oval at the tip of your nose.
mouse_mouth3 – With the black pencil draw a big mouth and fill this in with the red pencil.


mouse_forehead4 – Using the sponge or your finger, fill in the top of your forehead with black paint.
mouse_ovaleyes5 – With the help of the sponge, fill in the oval eyes with white paint. Draw 2 black circles to make pupils.
mouse_nose6 – Mix white and black and, with this grey, color in the bottom of your face, avoiding your mouth which you have already painted red. All you need now is a little dab of pink at the tip of your nose and some black lines under your eyes to make whiskers.


mouse_ears7 – Add 2 round ears made from card and attach them to your hood or headscarf. And don’t forget a bow to go between your ears!

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