Make a Glider

Make a GliderMake a Glider – Gliding is one of the most popular sports just now, and a great number of clubs have been formed to give members an opportunity of enjoying this healthy pastime. Gliding is the science of riding on air currents and the following shows you how to construct a model glider, based on the full sized aircraft.

The materials are balsa wood, the type that is used in the making of aeroplane models, some elastic and a little paint. First of all, make the fuselage from a piece of ½ in. thick wood, cutting out the shape to the pattern illustrated, with your fret-saw. Use sandpaper carefully so that all edges are rubbed down and are rounded to help with the wind resistance. Next cut out the wings from 1/8 in. wood, fashioning these as shown in the diagram, with the ends slightly tapering. The stabilizer is made from a thinner wood, about 1/16 in. thick and shaped as in the diagram. The wings and stabilizer are securely gummed into position with cement, with the ends that join the body being slightly slotted for extra strength -see the diagram. The wings should have a slope as indicated. Now paint the model with a priming coat of aeroplane “dope” and finishing colours can be added afterwards, using the brilliant enamel paints.

To get the glider into the air a hand launcher is necessary and this is how it is made. Cut a piece of ½ in. width elastic to about I8 in. in length and punch a hole in the end of this to form a buttonhole, which fits over the hook on the fuselage. The other end of the elastic is fitted to a piece of wood to form a handle. The process is to hold the glider lightly in the right hand, in the air, with the elastic pulled taut by the left hand. Then let it go up into the air and you will have a most realistic gliding exhibition.

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