Making a Pair of Stilts

Making a Pair of StiltsMaking a Pair of Stilts – Most boys have seen clowns perched high up in the air on long legs, doing their turn in the circus ring. They can get up to the most extraordinary antics with absolute safety. You can copy these incredible figures by making a pair of slits for yourself and can learn to walk and even run on these long wooden legs.

To make yourself a pair of stilts, get two lengths of 3 in. wide by I in. thick, strong wood, each measuring about 8 ft. long. You do not want to make your first pair of stilts too long until you have had a little practice in using them. Afterwards the stilts can be lengthened to suit yourself.

Now obtain two pieces of 3 in. by 2 in. wood and shape these are pictured in the diagram. These are footrests and the wooden blocks will have to screwed to the legs, with four 2 in. wood screws. Yow will not need any straps for your feet, for this may tend to be a little dangerous should you be unlucky enough to fall whilst you are stilt walking.

For a first attempt, screw the wooden footrests about two feet from the ground. Climb on the stilts from a chair, and firmly hold the tops of the legs and launch yourself and start walking as naturally as you can. Try fairly short steps at first and bring each stilt forward so that you can keep your balance with little trouble. You will find that walking with ease and confidence will come to you and then you are at home with your stilts, you can raise the footrests.

It is as well to plane or sandpaper the front and sides of the stilts so that they are quite smooth to handle and be splinterproof. A good coating of varnish will add to the smoothness and appearance of your stilts.

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