Make a Bow and Arrow

Make a Bow and ArrowMake a Bow and Arrow – Whilst on the subject of hunting, it naturally follows that the other ancient type of weapon should be mentioned. Bows and arrows have been one of the man’s best friend throughout the ages and here is a detailed description of exactly how a bow and arrow can be made.

First of all, let us attempt the bow. This should be made from any straight and sound piece of ash or similar wood. Get a piece that is about I in. thick at the middle, for you will have to taper off each end to about ¾ in. Now very carefully shave this with your sharp penknife, whittling it down to shape so that it is a nice round I in. in the centre and tapers gently to ¾ in. at each end. Sandpaper the bow and see that it is quite smooth to the touch and bends easily and with a good spring.

Cut a nick at each end as illustrated. This is to take the bow string. The next step is to wrap round the handle with linen cord or string very tighty. This needs to be waxed to preserve it. Now comes the tricky part. Get your bow string, either from a shop or prepare it yourself. This can be made of nylon or fish line, with many threads twisted to give greater strength. Fasten one end of the string to the end of the string to the end of your bow, using the type of knot shown in the diagram. Pull the string taut and loop it to the notch at the other end of the bow so that when fixed the straight string should be about 5 in. from the centre of the curved bow.

When you have got the right tension, fasten the end with a similar knot to the other end. The bow should be treated to a coating of varnish all over, including the corded part at the centre. Should you wish, the bow can be painted in any decorative colours, using those brilliant enamels for the purpose.

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