Flower Face Make Up

Flower Face Make Up – Anyone who loves natures and flowers will love this pretty design, which can be as simple or exotic as you wish.

You will need: red, yellow and green paints; a black and a red pencil; brush.
Flower Face Painting Kit
Flower On Left Cheek1 – Use the black pencil to draw the flower on your left cheek, with petals reaching up to your temple, and to the bottom of your cheek.
Flower Leaves2 – Draw 1 or 2 leaves on your forehead, and another on your chin. Color them in green.
Flower Petals3 – Use the yellow paint to fill in the petals. Color the center and the outline of the petals in red.


Flower Orange Color4 – Mix the red and yellow on your face to make an orange color.
Flower Backline5 – For the fronds of the flower, draw thin black lines from the flower’s center to your forehead. Paint and spots at each end.
Eyebrows6 – Use the red pencil to redden your lips. Paint your eyebrows black, and make your eyes seem larger by outlining them in black. Draw some thin black lines under your eyes to make long lashes.


Flower Artificial7 – As a finishing touch, wear a flowered dress, and wear real or artificial flowers in your hair.

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