Family Tree

Family Tree – Items required:

  • Cardboard sheet
  • Red, yellow glazed paper
  • Brown poster colour
  • Paint brush
  • Morpankhi leaves
  • Orange thin satin ribbon
  • Photographs of your family members
  • Scissors
Family_Tree_Step_1Take a rectangular piece of a cardboard and draw a triangle on it.
Family_Tree_Step_2Cut the triangle.
Family_Tree_Step_3Draw squares on the triangular cut out as shown here.


Family_Tree_Step_4Colour the triangular cut out with brown colour. Don’t colour inside the squares, drawn on it.
Family_Tree_Step_5Take thin orange satin ribbon and paste on the border of the triangle.
Family_Tree_Step_6Paste some leaves of Morpankhi on this triangular cut out as shown here.


Family_Tree_Step_7Take red and yellow glazed paper, cut some four leaved flowers and paste on the left top corner of the square.
Family_Tree_Step_8Paste the photographs of your family members on squares.
Family_Tree_Step_9Cut a small rectangular piece of cardboard, colour it brown. Paste it on the back of the family tree as shown here.

Family_TreeFlip the object, your family tree is ready.

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