Dustbin Drum

Dustbin Drum – Things Required: Shower cap (Plastic bath hat), Mini dustbin, Scissors, Sticky Tape, Colored Sticky tape, Felt pen/ sketch Pen, colored paper, Ruler, pencil, Thin cord or rope,  PVA glue (Fevicol), old paniting brush, black poster color, cork, Painbrush, 2 palstic straw, 2 wooden Kulfi sticks/barbecue skewers.

Your Own Drum

Your drum would not be like the real one, it is bit delicate so do not hit it too hard. Different sounds can be produced by hitting the different parts of the drum skin. Sound will be best if you hit it close to the edge. You can play the drum with your hands/Kulfi sticks or chopsticks.

Children may need the help of elders to cut the cork in half with a knife and pushing in the kulfi sticks in straw, to make the beaters.


Dustbin Drum Creation Procedure


1Step: I
Cut the shower cap. Draw a circle which is 2 in bigger than the top of the dustbin. Cut the circle out.
2Step: II
Desgin your drum with stripes of colored sticky tape.
3Step: III
Stretch the showercap tightly over the open end of the dustbin. Stick it with several small sticky tapes.
4Step: IV
Make sure the shower cap is enough tight, then tape right around the edge to hold it in place.
5Step: V
Cut a strip of colored paper to fit around the dustbin top. Make small cuts on the both sides for a fringe.
6Step: VI
Glue the fringe around the top of the dustbin. And tie the cord or rope around the centre of the fringe.
7Step: VII
Ask your elders to cut the cork in half. Paint the cork black. Push the kulfi sticks through the straws or you can cover the kulfi sticks with colored paper. Ask your elder to push the sticks into the corks.
8Step: VIII
And here is the output…

Your drum is ready to be played. The finished drum looks very attractive. In the same way you can make drums of differnt sizes to get different sound effects.

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