Doll Face Painting

Doll Face Painting – Here is a living porcelain doll with big black eyes, rosy cheeks and a little rosebud mouth.

You need: Red, black and white paint; a black and a red pencil; brush; sponge.

Doll Face Painting Kit
doll_headband1 – Hold your hair back from your face with a headband. With the sponge, cover your face in white paint to make it look like porcelain.
doll_eyebrows2 – With the black pencil, draw 2 large arched eyebrows.
doll_eyelid3 – Draw a semicircle on each eyelid. Mix the black and white paints to make grey, then color in your eyelids.


doll_outline4 – Outline your eyes with the black pencil, then draw long lashes under your eyes and above your eyelids.
doll_cheeks5 – Mix the red and white paints. Draw big pink circle on each cheek and color it in.
doll_mouth6 – With the red pencil, draw a heart shape over your mouth. For a final touch, add some glitter to your eyelids.


doll_dress7 – Tie a big red bow in your hair and wear the longest, prettiest dress you can find.

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