Dracula – Horror Face Make Up

Dracula – Horror Face Make Up – You feel yourself turning into a vampire: your teeth begin to grow, your skin becomes pallid and everyone runs in terror!

You need: white and black paint; a black and a red pencil; vampire teeth; false nails and their self adhesive; hair gel or mousse.

Dracula - Horror Face Make Up Kit
dracula_smooth_hair1 – Smooth your hair back from your face with the gel or mousse. With your fingers or the sponge, paint your whole face white to give a deathly appearance.
dracula_face2 – With the black pencil, draw around your whole face, making a small triangle at the top of your forehead.
dracula_eyes3 – Mix the black and white paint to make grey. With the brush and the grey paint, make dark shadows under your eyes.


dracula_cheeks4 – Still using the grey, paint shadows either side of our nose and on your cheeks to make you look uglier.
dracula_eyebrows5 – With the red pencil, shadow under your eyes. Now draw over your lips so it looks as if you have been drinking the blood of your victims. For a cruel look blacken your eyebrows, and make them a triangular shape.
dracula_mouth6 – Draw a red blob at the corner of your mouth to look like blood.


dracula_teeth7 – Put in your false teeth and stick on false nails. These glow in the dark. Wrap yourself in a long black cloak – then see who you can scare!

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