Clown – Real Funny Face

Clown – Real Funny Face – Everyone loves a clown, so in this make-up you will be sure to make your friends laugh!

You need: white, red and black paint; a red and a black pencil; brush.
Clown Face Painting Kit
clown_eyes1 – With the black pencil, draw in your clown’s features as in the picture. Draw 2 semicircles above your eyes to give you a surprised look.
clown_eyebrows2 – With the brush, fill these in with white paint. Above these, draw two black semicircles for eyebrows.
clown_eye_line3 – Draw a black line under each eye, with a small dot under each line.


clown_nose4 – Using the red paint, and with the brush or your finger, draw a red circle over your nose.
clown_laughing5 – A good clown must always be laughing: with the black pencil, draw a huge smiling mouth right out over your cheeks. With the red pencil, draw around your lips to make them bigger, then color them in.
clown_lips6 – With the brush, fill in the space between the black lines and your red lips with white paint. At either side of your mouth, draw two small arcs with the black pencil.


clown_dress7 – Finally you need a pair of adult’s trousers held up with braces, a bow tie and some outsized shoes – now, where’s the circus?

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