Cleopatra – Egyptian Face Painting

Cleopatra – Egyptian Face Painting – This fantastic make-up will transform you into an Egyptian queen – and the envy of all your friends!

You need: blue, red, green, white, yellow and gold paint (if you can get some); a black and a red pencil; brush; sponge.
Cleopatra Face Painting Kit
cleopatra_eyebrows1 – With the black pencil, draw arched eyebrows and stretch them out to your temples. Draw a black line above your eye, and below.
cleopatra_face2 – Continue these lines out to the side of your face in a fish tail shape. Draw another black line underneath – follow the design shown.
cleopatra_cheekbones3 – Use the brush to fill in the fish tail in white, and draw white line under the black swirl on your cheekbones.


cleopatra_eyelids4 – With the black pencil, draw triangles on your eyelids. Paint them in yellow, red, blue and green – make up your own pattern.
cleopatra_lips5 – In the middle of these triangles paint little white dots. Redraw your lips with the red pencil.
cleopatra_restface6 – Cover the rest of your face with yellow paint, using your fingers or the damp sponge. Avoid the areas you have already painted.


cleopatra_hair7 – If you do not have long black hair, find a black wig or make one from black wool. Then draw and paint an exotic collar, like the one shown – or your own design

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