DistemperingDistempering – Walls decorated with the modern flat distemper do look most attractive and this is simple to paint. You will need a wide distemper brush and the ready mixed distemper paints that are on the market.

Mix your distemper as instructed on the tin, and pour this into a large tin or pail. Give it really good mixing so that the colour will be even. One important point in the distemper paints is that the colour dries somewhat lighter when on the wall, so make full allowance for this.

Start at the top left-hand corner of the room and work in panels to the floor, brush the distemper on to the wall as quickly as you can. You will find that the surface will dry quite evenly and no joins appear. Ceilings are done in a similar fashion, using a wide brush and standing on top of a table or securely places steps.

When you have finished painting for the day, carefully wash out your brushes with clean water and wipe dry with rags and leave the brush flat on some newspapers to dry.

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