Desk Blotter in Wood

Desk Blotter in WoodDesk Blotter in Wood – Take a look at the very handsome desk blotter illustrated on this page. This will make an excellent finish to your writing table or bureau and can be made quite easily from wood.

Let us build this from the start. Cut a piece of hard wood measuring 6 in. by 3 in. and ¼ in. thick. Sandpaper all the surfaces paying particular attention to the rounded edges of the corners. Drill a ½ in. hole in the centre to take the handle. Fashion the handle from an old drawer handle made of boxwood or similar, about I ½ in. in diameter, with a ½ in. shoulder cut to fit in the hole at the top of the blotter. Now put a wood screw through the centre of the handle so that the end protrudes at least ¾ in. below the shoulder.

The base to hold the blotter is cut from a piece of soft wood measuring 5 ¾ in. long by 3 in. wide and I ½ in. deep in the centre. Shape the wood into the curved line as illustrated, getting it as smooth and even as possible. Drill a small hole in the top centre to take the point of the screw thread from the knob. Round the edges of the base and cut some blotting paper to the width of the base and of sufficient length so that there will be ½ in. over at each end. Wrap the blotting paper round, as seen in the diagram, and thread the screw end into the hole and screw down. This action will tighten up the top to the base and also hold the blotting paper into position.

To improve the appearance of your desk blotter, paint the top and edges with brilliant enamel paints and also treat the knob to a similar coat. The blotter is now all ready for use and the action is rocking it over the writing.

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