Dog Face – Funny Face Painting

Dog Face – Funny Face Painting – Transform yourself into your favourite pet, and amuse all your friends with this funny costume.

You need: white paint and brown – which you make by mixing red and green with your fingers; a black and a red pencil; sponge; brush; hair gel.
Face Painting Kit
Dog Eyebrows1 – With the black pencil, draw the dog’s features: 2 eyebrows above your own, 2 large oval shapes for the eyes, with 2 smaller ovals for the pupils;
Dog Nose2 – Draw an oval at the end of your nose. Follow the picture to make the dog’s muzzle. On your chin, draw a lolling tongue.
Dog Face3 – Color in the rest of your face brown, using the sponge or your finger. Be careful not to smudge any of the black lines you’ve drawn.
Dog Oval Eyes4 – Using the brush, fill in the oval eyes with white paint. Leave the smaller ovals which you will fill in black.
Dog Black Nose5 – Color the muzzle in white and the end of your nose in black, with a little dab of white in the middle. Color the tongue in with the red pencil.
Dog Makeup6 – A few details will finish this make-up. With the black pencil draw tufty fur under your eyes and under the muzzle. Draw black lines on each side of your cheeks for whiskers.
Dog Ears7 – Complete your costume with 2 ears made of cloth or colored paper. Put a dog collar around your neck. Spike your hair up with gel and you will look like a real shaggy dog!

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