Boxing Match Model

Boxing Match ModelBoxing Match Model – This is another very interesting little model to make and will be a most realistic representation of the subject when completed. The illustration shows clearly how the model can be made and all you will need in the way of materials is some cardboard, matches, cotton and white paper.

Examine the illustration and you will see that the model is quite simple to construct. First of all, build the boxing ring. Although this is called a ring, it is really square. A small white box, about 3 in. square and cut to ¾ in. deep will do admirable for the base. Pierce a hole in the four corners and put a match stick in each-see the diagram. Gum the lower part of each match so that it will be secure and rigid. Allow ¾ in. of the match to show above the box. White cotton or twine should now be wound round the matchsticks to represent the ropes of the ring. Tie the ropes so that they go round the each support and are quite taut.

Now it remains for you to make the boxers. Take two matches and cut out the legs by splitting the match halfway up the stalk with a penknife and turning the ends over for the feet. The arms are cut from the sides of the match as illustrated. You will probably have to split a few matches until you get two good figures but after a little practice you will find it fun to make most realistic figures. Four pieces of tightly wound cotton wool, gummed into position at the end of each arm, will give a very true appearance of boxing gloves. Paint the boxers figures pink, using your water colours, and make their shorts black. Black boxing boots will complete their costume and they will look most realistic standing up in the way illustrated. The feet should be gummed to the floor of the boxing ring.

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