Boxes for Shrubs and Trees

Boxes for Shrubs and TreesBoxes for Shrubs and Trees – The illustrations, showing differently designs boxes for planting shrubs and trees, depict how these can be simply made, using odd pieces of wood and existing old barrels, etc. When completed and the plant is bedded down in the box, they really do make most artistic decorations for outside the doors, leading into the garden. They are essentially an outdoor article so must be made quite weatherproof in every way.

Look at the first illustration, this shows a wooden beer or vinegar barrel, called a pin, which will make an excellent container for a small tree or shrub. Scrub out the barrel, particularly the outside, and see that it is fresh and clean and make any little repairs necessary in the woodwork. Paint the inside with tar or creosote to preserve the wood and then give the outside a coating of green household paint. Pick out the iron hoops with a bright yellow and when quite dry varnish all over. The barrel is now ready to receive the earth and the plant. And very nice it will look standing by the doorstep.

Use the small barrel again and carefully saw this in half, as shown. Sandpaper the rough edges until they are smooth to the touch and paint inside and outside of the barrel, as described. You can change your colours this time if you wish, and make the wooden part of the half barrel a brilliant red and the hoops a dazzling white. Varnish all over as before and plant the bush.

There are two other designs pictured that are a little out of the ordinary, although nonetheless attractive and artistic. These can both be made from I in. thick wood, old pieces will do quite nicely. The top measures I8 in. square and the bottom 9 in. square and the boxes stand I2 in. in height. Saw the two sides to the measurements illustrated, and the other two facing sides, 2 in. smaller to fit the slope and conform to the overall size. The wood should be planed and sandpapered and joined with wood screws as shown. The piece of wood for the bottom is fixed and screwed into position and your first box is made. The other box illustrated is the same, but inverted and the base will have to be filled in with wood, leaving the top uncovered.

Give the insides of these two boxed a good coating of tar or creosote to weatherproof them and paint the outsides to suit your fancy. Finish up with a coat of varnish and you will have some most artistic boxes in which to plant shrubs or trees.

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