Built-Up Decoration

Built Up Decoration_bigBuilt-Up Decoration – You may have seen those very attractive coloured boxes, with raised initials on the lids, that are solid in gift shops. They are quite expensive to buy but it is possible to make these ornate boxes with little or no trouble.

The first thing to do is to find an old wooden box. It does not matter how shabby it is so long as it holds together and will open and shut easily. This is how you set about decorating the box with crepe paper and cardboard. First of all, decide on the initials you are going to use and the size of these letters and draw them out on a piece of rough paper approximately the size of the lid of the box. When you have satisfied yourself as to the balance and size, trace the initial letters on to a piece of cardboard about 1/8 in. thick. Cut these letters out, using a sharp penknife or a razor blade, and make the edges very sharp and clean. A touch of sandpaper over the letters will help to make these smooth and even. Next, cut a piece of thick cardboard, about 1/8 in. space left all round. Gum the initials in the centre of the card, as shown in the diagram. Your box is now ready for the next process.

Paste coloured crepe paper all over the built up top, pressing the soft paper into all the angels and working it carefully into the corners and edges of the raised sections. You will find that the crepe paper will stretch and quite easily conform to the shape of the raised letters and they will stand out in relief.

Paste crepe paper over the remainder of the box and varnish all over. You will now have an ornate gift box, with personal initials and this will make a very treasured gift for one of your friends.

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