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What are lines of Latitude and Longitude?

What are lines of Latitude and Longitude?These are the lines you will drawn on a globe, running from east to west or north to south.

Latitude the line drawn halfway between the poles is called the equator. Other lines parallel to the equator are called parallels, or lines of latitude. They are measured north and south of the equator (0° latitude) to the poles (90° North and 90° South). Every place has its own latitude. For example, Montreal, Canada, is 451/2° North; Buenos Aires, Argentina, is 341/2° South.

Longitude on globes, there are also lines running at right angles to the equator. These lines, all of which pass through the poles, are lines of longitude, or meridians. By international agreement, the prime meridian (0° longitude) passes through Greenwich, a borough of London, England. The other lines of longitude are measured 180° east and 180° west of the prime meridian.

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