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मातृ दिवस स्पेशल हिंदी कविता: जैसी माँ – निदा फ़ाज़ली

जैसी माँ - निदा फाज़ली

Nida Fazli, the son of Murtaza Hasan Baidi was born on October 12, 1938 in Delhi, to a Kashmiri family. At the time of partition, his parents migrated to Pakistan while Nida preferred to stay in India. He moved to Mumbai at an early age in search of job and started working for ‘Blitz’ and ‘Dharamyug’. He has also written …

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जानते हो क्या क्या छोड़ आये: राज कुमार

जानते हो क्या क्या छोड़ आये: राज कुमार

Dr. Raj Kumar is a retired Indian professor of psychiatry. He is also a poet of an era bygone. I enjoyed hearing some of his poems in person. Here is a sample poem that exhorts those who left home in pursuit of riches, to return home. एक चिट्ठी, कुछ तस्वीरें लाया हूँ देखोगे? दिखलाऊँ? बूझोगे? बतलाऊँ? जानते हो क्या क्या …

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Thai Pongal: English poem on Pongal Festival

Thai Pongal - English poem on Pongal Festival

Milk Rice the Golden child came – granting immeasurable ecstasy in her cooking Farmers with the beauty of lion dream a picturesque memory this new year gleam. Elevated threshing floor courtyard the face-where month of January gave love’s kiss with rice share abundance in red rice and charity – sweet to the tongue January child glad to meet. With the …

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करवा चौथ: भारतीय सुहागिन का त्यौहार

Hindi Poem about Karwa Chauth Festival करवा चौथ

सुहाग का यह व्रत हर साल कार्तिक के पवित्र महीने में संकष्टी चतुर्थी के दिन यानी कार्तिक कृष्ण चतुर्थी तिथि को किया जाता है। सुहागनें इस दिन सुबह ब्रह्ममुहूर्त में सरगी खाकर व्रत अरंभ करती हैं। व्रत पूरे दिन का होता। रात में चांद को छन्नी से देखकर व्रत का समापन किया जाता है। इस व्रत में चांद को देखने …

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Karva Chauth Festival Poem करवा चौथ का चाँद

Karva Chauth Festival Hindi Poem करवा चौथ का चाँद

‘करवाचौथ‘ शब्द दो शब्दों से मिलकर बना है, ‘करवा’ यानी ‘मिट्टी का बरतन’ और ‘चौथ’ यानि ‘चतुर्थी’। इस त्योहार पर मिट्टी के बरतन यानी करवे का विशेष महत्व माना गया है। सभी विवाहित स्त्रियां साल भर इस त्योहार का इंतजार करती हैं और इसकी सभी विधियों को बड़े श्रद्धा-भाव से पूरा करती हैं। करवाचौथ का त्योहार पति-पत्नी के मजबूत रिश्ते, …

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गंगा मैया हो एक भाई दे दो: बहन की भगवान से प्रार्थना

गंगा मैया हो एक भाई दे दो - A little girl's prayer

Gender Discrimination: Gender based discrimination against female children is pervasive across the world. It is seen in all the strata of society and manifests in various forms. As per the literature, female child has been treated inferior to male child and this is deeply engraved in the mind of the female child. Some argue that due to this inferior treatment …

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Rakhi Day is Righteous Day: APJ Abdul Kalam

Rakhi Day is Righteous Day - APJ Abdul Kalam

Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam; 15 October 1931 – 27 July 2015) was an Indian scientist who served as the 11th President of India from 2002 to 2007. He was born and raised in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu and studied physics and aerospace engineering. He spent the next four decades as a scientist and science administrator, mainly at the Defence Research …

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My Sister, My Best Friend: Rakhi Special Poem

Raksha Bandhan Special English Poem: My Sister, My Best Friend

Raksha Bandhan, also Rakshabandhan, or simply Rakhi, is an Indian and Nepalese festival centred around the tying of a thread, bracelet or talisman on the wrist as a form of bond and ritual protection. The festive Hindu and Jain ritual is one principally between brothers and sisters, observed both before and after she gets married thereby marking her continued relationship …

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रक्षा बंधन: राखी के त्यौहार पर हिंदी बाल-कविता

रक्षा बंधन: अन्वेषा साईं

हिन्दू पंचांग के अनुसार प्रमुख त्योहारों में राखी का खास महत्व है। भाई-बहनों का यह त्योहार हर साल हर्षोल्लास के साथ मनाया जाता है। रक्षाबंधन का पर्व श्रावण मास की पूर्णिमा को मनाया जाता है। राखी के दिन बहनें अपने भाई की कलाई पर रक्षासूत्र बांधती हैं और भाई बहनों को उपहार देते हैं और हमेशा उनकी रक्षा करने का …

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हम तो मस्त फकीर: गोपाल दास नीरज

Gopal Das Neeraj

Life is a temporary phase. We come into this world and leave one day. In between, many get too pre-occupied with hording wealth and name. Indian thought has always considered this tendency madness. Detachment with material things and love for humanity has always been the saintly advice in India. Here is reinforcement of this thought by Neeraj. हम तो मस्त …

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