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Football Poem For Students And Children

Football - Fred Babbin

A football is a ball inflated with air that is used to play one of the various sports known as football. In these games, with some exceptions, goals or points are scored only when the ball enters one of two designated goal-scoring areas; football games involve the two teams each trying to move the ball in opposite directions along the …

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A Parents Heart: Inspirational Parents Day Poem

Inspirational Parents Day English Poem: A Parent's Heart

Parents play a very important role in every child’s life. We seldom get opportunities to thank our parents in public. But there may be events and occasions or any kind of celebration when you really want to show your gratitude towards your parents. If you ever wondered how to thank parents through speech; these thank you speeches for parents would …

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काका हाथरसी के दोहे

काका हाथरसी के दोहे

सन १९०६ में हाथरस में जन्मे काका हाथरसी (असली नाम: प्रभुनाथ गर्ग) हिंदी व्यंग्य के मूर्धण्य कवि थे। उनकी शैली की छाप उनकी पीढ़ी के अन्य कवियों पर तो पड़ी ही, आज भी अनेकों लेखक और व्यंग्य कवि काका की रचनाओं की शैली अपनाकर लाखों श्रोताओं और पाठकों का मनोरंजन कर रहे हैं। व्यंग्य का मूल उद्देश्य लेकिन मनोरंजन नहीं …

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चांद पर मानव: काका हाथरसी

This poem was written by Kaka Hathrasi, when man had for the first time reached on moon. Big deal! Many thought. चांद पर मानव: काका हाथरसी ठाकुर ठर्रा सिंह से बोले आलमगीर पहुँच गये वो चाँद पर, मार लिया क्या तीर मार लिया क्या तीर, लौट पृथ्वी पर आये किये करोड़ों खर्च, कंकड़ी मिट्टी लाये ‘काका’, इससे लाख गुना अच्छा …

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कुछ तो स्टैंडर्ड बनाओ: काका हाथरसी

दाढ़ी महिमा - काका हाथरसी

Here is an excerpt from a very funny and at a time very popular poem of Kaka Hathrasi. See Kakas advice on how to raise the standard of your life! प्रकृति बदलती क्षण-क्षण देखो, बदल रहे अणु, कण-कण देखो। तुम निष्क्रिय से पड़े हुए हो। भाग्य वाद पर अड़े हुए हो। छोड़ो मित्र! पुरानी डफली, जीवन में परिवर्तन लाओ। परंपरा …

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कौन सिखाता है चिड़ियों को: सोहनलाल द्विवेदी

कौन सिखाता है चिड़ियों को - सोहनलाल द्विवेदी

Here is a popular poem of Sohanlal Dwivedi Ji. Who teaches birds… Many would have read it in school days. कौन सिखाता है चिड़ियों को: सोहनलाल द्विवेदी कौन सिखाता है चिडियों को चीं–चीं चीं–चीं करना? कौन सिखाता फुदक–फुदक कर उनको चलना फिरना? कौन सिखाता फुर से उड़ना दाने चुग-चुग खाना? कौन सिखाता तिनके ला–ला कर घोंसले बनाना? कौन सिखाता है …

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जय सरस्वती माता: सरस्वती माँ की आरती

Saraswati: Hindu Goddess

Goddess Saraswati: The name Saraswati came from “saras” (meaning “flow”) and “wati” (meaning “she who has …”), i.e. “she who has flow” or can mean sara meaning “essence” and swa meaning “self”. So, Saraswati is symbol of knowledge; its flow (or growth) is like a river and knowledge is supremely alluring, like a beautiful woman. She is depicted as beautiful …

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खग उड़ते रहना जीवन भर: नीरज की एक प्रेरक हिंदी कविता

खग उड़ते रहना जीवन भर: नीरज प्रेरक हिंदी कविता

In this poem, Neeraj exhorts us to keep making efforts and not lose hope. These lines are very similar to what Lord Krishna told Arjuna in Kurukshetra (Geeta Chapter 2, shlokas 35, 36 and 37) खग उड़ते रहना जीवन भर: गोपाल दास नीरज खग! उड़ते रहना जीवन भर! भूल गया है तू अपना पथ‚ और नहीं पंखों में भी गति‚ किंतु …

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छिप छिप अश्रु बहाने वालों: नीरज की कविता जो हमेशा हौसला देगी

छिप छिप अश्रु बहाने वालों: गोपाल दास नीरज

This poem is quite in contrast to the previous one “Kaarvan Gujar Gaya” by Gopal Das Neeraj, even its answer in a way. Here is a more optimistic view on life. It exhorts us to take things in stride and carry on even if life brings onto us some nasty surprises. Another beautiful poem of Neeraj… छिप छिप अश्रु बहाने वालों, …

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Football at Local Pub: Soccer Match Poem For Students

Football Not Just A Game

First international match staged: Matches between English and London-based Scottish players had been played in London between 1870 and 1872. But the first official international match between the countries was staged at the West of Scotland Cricket Ground on St Andrew’s Day, 1872. Watched by 4,000 spectators, the match ended in a 0-0 draw although Scotland came nearest to scoring when the …

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