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What is pesticide peril in vegetables?

What is pesticide peril in vegetables?Pesticide remains in vegetables can cause neurological and blood disorders, lung ailments and affect the reproductive system of women. Agriculture workers are as prone to risks as consumers. Prolonged exposure to raw pesticides (common among agricultural workers) or consumption of pesticide-infected vegetables can result in leukaemia and cancer of the skin, lips, stomach and prostrate. Complaints of chronic fatigue, excessive sweating, tingling of limbs, persistent headache, muscle stiffness, blurring of sight and numbness in feet are higher among those exposed to pesticides. They can also cause loss of weight and appetite, irritability, insomnia and other behavioural disorders. The most likely effects in women are irregular menstruation, abortion and still-birth. The rise in the number of patients suffering from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s can also be attributed to indiscriminate use of pesticides and air pollution.

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