What are warm holes in Physics?

What are warm holes in Physics?Wormhole (not warm hole) is a hypothetical feature of the universe and is basically a shortcut through space and time. The name wormhole is derived from the analogy that a worm on the circumference of an apple can either go all around it or dig its way through to get to the other side. As is obvious, by digging through, the worm will take lesser time. The universe is assumed to be made up of a curved fabric — the spacetime continuum. In a place where this fabric is so curved that it overlaps itself, a wormhole is formed. It consists of a black hole, a throat and a white hole. The black hole sucks matter into the throat and the white hole throws the matter out of the throat. Wormholes can help traverse very large distances in space in an instant. But they are only valid, theoretical solutions of general relativity. There is no proof of their existence, except in science fiction movies and novels, like Star Trek.

There are warm holes in semiconductor physics. The absence of an outer shell electron in a semiconductor lattice, formed as a result of covalent bonding of semiconductor atoms with an introduced trivalent impurity, is called a hole. A warm hole is supposed to exist at some stage.

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