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When is Ramadan 2017? Date, Observance, Celebration

When is Ramadan 2018: Date, Observance, Celebration

Ramadan this year, like all Ramadan observances, will occur during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Ramadan typically lasts for 29-30 days. Ramadan dates will vary from year to year because the Islamic calendar is based on the lunar calendar, which is several days shorter than the solar calendar. The sighting of the moon marks the beginning of Ramadan. Therefore, the exact timing of Ramadan will vary from location to location because the sighting of the moon on the first day of Ramadan will vary based on geographic location.

Some things to be expected during Ramadan are fasting, devotion and purification. Muslims are expected to fast during the daylight hours for the sake of their God, Allah. They also are encouraged to pray more often and reflect on their lives to bring forth positive change. Ramadan is a time for total body and mind reflection, and all focus is turned to God to strengthen the spiritual bond. Self-sacrifice is expected and many Muslims are expected to resist any and all temptations, including engaging in sex. All practicing Muslims are expected to participate in Ramadan. Even younger Muslims take part in this observance. During Ramadan, all Muslims that have reached puberty will be expected to begin the practice of Ramadan.

Ramadan 2018

began in the evening of Tuesday, 15 May
and ends in the evening of Thursday, 14 June

*Dates may vary.

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