What My Cup Can Hold

What My Cup Can Hold — Well, this time it was a sprain in my foot. Last time it was problems with fluctuating blood pressure; before that it was high cholesterol levels. All these have given me physical limits to what I can do. But, i continue to focus on what I can still do and that is a lot. I know now that my cup can hold just this much of experience. I do not stretch myself to infinity. Instead, I live within my limitations.

Metaphorically speaking, each one of us has a cup-like receptor that takes in experiences. It is not for us to determine the size. That cup can hold all the experiences of a lifetime and overflow. If we are not stingy and small-minded, we will welcome many good experiences and goodness always overflows naturally.

There have been many seasons in my life. When the going was good, my cup of joy was full. When the way ahead was hard, my cup of sorrow was full. Sometimes, there was so much of excitement and enthusiasm, that there was an overflow. Other times, the road was dry and barren. I did manage to fall into potholes of stagnancy. When the way was all uphill, I was held by supporting hands. When i tasted the calm and tranquility of peaceful hours, I was as it were, lulled into a quiescent state of being.

It was by divine design that i was a human being with limitations. My cup of life was meant to hold just this much, not more. I was made to be comfortable in the environment around me. Like fish struggling on land and completely at ease in water, i too was made to flourish in certain circumstances and not in others.

The cup that overflows is the cup of peace and joy. These cannot be contained. They are infectious, as is the laughter of little children. With such joy, there can be no comparisons. It overcomes boundaries and barriers and enfolds others.

I was not made to overcome great heights, but to rise above small hills and mountains. I have been content and happy with small achievements. That was as much as my cup of life could hold. Whenever i have gone beyond myself, my cup has overflowed.

All the empowerment i have experienced in life has come because these were the memories my cup could hold. Deep self-doubt was thus converted to deep self-confidence. The empowerment came not from unlimited exposure but from limited experiences that are part of every human being’s life.

Today I count myself lucky that my cup has been able to hold this much. I don’t aspire for the impossible. I have my faults, failings, foibles and my share of mistakes. I am imperfect and in many ways flawed. So I do not need to prove myself over and over again. I do not need to impress others. I can be just natural – without formality or pretence. I can be bold in what I do and say – knowing that my world view is mine, not necessarily the same as another’s.

As I continue on the pathway, i am not distracted by things that do not figure in my life priorities anyhow. There are many things I can still do for others, despite my limitations. By doing these, I take in what my cup of life can hold and then my cup overflows with joy, contentment and happiness.

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