Truth Is The Cure

Truth Is The Cure — The man seemed restless and confused. The situation had grown quite unfavorable and he wanted to draw the attention of his superiors to it, but could not do so because of fear. He thus showed only the rosy picture to his superiors. In due course of time, the problems became grave.

The man was basically a simple and honest worker. He had grown slowly both in stature and position and soon assumed a position of repute in the organisation.

After several years of hard work and poor living conditions, he and his family were witnessing good times and happiness. Although at an important position, the man did not change at all and kept working with equal hard work and dedication. Some people who never used to pay any heed to his existence turned into his advisors and misguided him to follow the wrong way. And the naïve did not realise until the situations became verybad.

One day as he reached home, he was really worried. He swallowed a few sleeping pills and tried to get some sleep. In his dreams, he questioned his own stupidity. If not stopped, he thought, this will lead to a major problem that could ruin his and his family’s future.

The next morning he got ready to face the reality and went directly to his boss. He did not even look at the people who had actually created such situations for him. He was filled with a sense of pride and his face was beaming. He started speaking slowly in front of his superior and explained the entire situation.

There was complete silence for a few moments and then his boss said, “We have faced ups and downs in our lives but what matters is honesty and bare truth.“ He added sometimes the problems are simple and can be easily solved but what is required is to come forward and speak out the truth. Get back to work and we together will face the situation.

The man heaved a big sigh of relief and felt good over his truthful ways.

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