Stop Being Bored With Life

Swami SukhabodhanandaStop Being Bored With Life — What is life, Swamiji? It just drags on…

You are bored because you have neither interest nor enthusiasm. How to get out of this quicksand called boredom?

Executives in large corporations are given periodical increments or promotions to encourage and motivate them; they provide them with power and opportunity to take important decisions. Most importantly, they make them feel indispensable. At home or office, we become indifferent only when our sense of importance diminishes. If others get more attention, we feel jealous and this builds up the attitude of apathy and lethargy.

’this manager is very annoying!’ – this is at the office. ‘The bus never arrives on time!’ – this is at the bus stop. ‘Every time I see your face before going out, nothing turns out right for me!’ – this is at home.

It is not the bad manager, late buses or someone at home that makes us feel depressed; it is our attitude that causes depression. Throw out such words from your vocabulary. You could do this through autosuggestion.

‘Hey, Shankar! You have everything, my boy! You can get this job done better than anyone else!’ – once we address ourselves like this, fresh energy will begin to flow in our minds and bodies. With enthusiasm, the positive energy we exude would make those around us also enthusiastic. This is a scientifically proven fact.

When we say ‘i’, there are three factors involved: body, mind, and waves or vibrations that emanate from the body.

When we speak of great leaders, we say that there is a brightness or aura around them. This aura is from the light waves that emerge from the body of a person.

In a Zen story, there was a sage who had realised the truth about himself and the world around him. Every day he would sit in front of the ocean and meditate. During those moments, seagulls would fly fearlessly around him and play. At times, these birds would even sit on his shoulders.

One day, as usual, the sage went to the seashore to meditate. A little boy who came to play on the seaside came up to him and said, ‘‘These birds play so freely near you. Won’t you catch one and give it to me?’’

The sage agreed, as it was a small request. The next day when he meditated on the seashore, the seagulls flew well above his head; not one bird came near him! The birds could sense his intention from the energy waves he exuded. Your energy field will also touch people. So create good vibrations around you.

One prominent industrialist I know had provided his family with all the material comforts and almost limitless money. However, every time I visited their home, the wife used to complain: ‘‘He has no time for us! He does not even ask the children about their studies…’’ All the family wanted was that he should spend some time with them; this was what would give them satisfaction.

No matter how enthusiastic we are and however well we motivate our colleagues, even a small failure could plunge us into the abyss of depression. At such times, view failure as merely postponed success… that is all! There is nothing in it to make us depressed. Treat failure as fertiliser for success.

Treat each experience as unique; then your being starts relaxing. Then you will no longer think of life as an emotional dungeon.

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