Is Life Fair Or Unfair

Forgive Everyone For EverythingIs Life Fair Or Unfair —Does existence believe in fairness and justice? Is the world running according to a system where there is natural justice? Or is everything here disorganised, random and chaotic?

These are questions that often come to our mind, especially when we see injustice around us.

Most of us would say that life is not always fair. We have our own set of grouses against people, events, occurrences and circumstances. But every one of us would like to believe that natural justice does exist.

As and when someone insults us or does harm to another, we want justice. However, we also know that justice is not done every time. If someone has harmed us physically or mentally, we always are looking for that person to suffer in some form or the other. And we ourselves set out to mete justice, or hope for divine intervention against our tormentor.

It is our nature to compare and compete, and feel dejected especially when we see others having more money, huge properties, better relationships or good health. We then try and find some flaw in their lives, look out for something that is not right with them, and would try and see how we are better off than them in some area of life or the other. And consciously or subconsciously, we often wish that something bad happens to them, because it seems unfair that others should be having an apparently better life than us.

However, existence does not work according to our needs, desires, wants, ideas or beliefs.

In fact, no one really knows for sure how existence works, why life unfolds for each of us the way it does. While some might call it fate, others believe in past life karma, luck or chance.

Still others say it is the law of cause and effect playing out. You might feel that the person who is having some benefits today must have done some good in the past, and is reaping the rewards of his past good deeds. And so we advise our children that they must be good, honest, humble, giving, fair and forgiving.

Despite many of us living good, honest lives, existence does not seem to shower its blessings on us. It is then that we wonder if life is unfair.

In reality, life or existence is neither fair nor unfair. Existence just is; life flows as it is meant to.

Is there a master blueprint somewhere which has the details of how life should proceed every second on earth for each of us? There is no concrete evidence or proof of this.

In reality, existence does not favour anyone more than the other. Swami Vivekananda would say, “Not even an atom in this universe can be different than how it is, for that would destroy the balance of the universe and the entire system would collapse.

For the universe to run smoothly, events and occurrences have to be in a certain way, and life moves not in a straight line, but in infinite cycles.

This much we know by looking at life, where rich and poor, good and bad, happiness and sorrow, life and death all come in cycles.

While life may seem unfair, if things changed as per every individuals desires and wishes, imagine the chaos and confusion that would result. In a matter of a few days, the world would come to an end. The apparent unfairness that we see is needed for continuity.

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