Feng Shui and Energy Flow

Feng Shui and Energy Flow — There is much work being done to validate the actual effects of harmful building conditions that exist in our environment in many developed countries. Our general lifestyles are very different from what they were in past and from what they are in less developed countries.

How do you feel when you walk into anyone’s home? Well if you are alert you can most often sense if it is a happy home or a sad home. What you are actually sensing is the invisible energy that flows through the environment through buildings and through the human body. This energy in Chinese known as the Dragon’s cosmic breath and the flow of this energy as chi is the essence of good Feng Shui.

All of us generate energy which may feel “positive” or “negative’. Homes with a strong invigorating energy usually belong to strong, successful people. On the other hand, homes that exude a defeated or tired look usually belong to the exhausted people. More often the office or the place of dwelling would mirror and reflect the motivations, taste, attitude and well being of the residents.

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