Rimjhim And Pigeon's Eggs: Wisdom Story

Rimjhim And Pigeon’s Eggs: Wisdom Story

“Mamma – mamma” – Rimjhim was screaming from the balcony. Mrs. Sharma could feel the joy and surprise in her daughter’s voice.

“What happened”? she almost ran to the balcony and saw Rimjhim standing around the birds.

Rimjhim was merrily clapping with loud giggle.

Mamma smiled and asked – “What happened dear? You look quite happy”.

“Look at that mamma” Rimjhim could barely speak. The sheer joy and astonishment in her voice choked her throat.

Rimjhim And Pigeon’s Eggs: Manjari Shukla

Mamma turned and found many colorful birds like sparrow, starling, parrot and many pigeons. But the sight of hordes of birds feeding in her balcony was not surprising at all for Mrs. Sharma. Rimjhim had made it her regular habit to feed birds. So every day she would spread grains on the floor of her balcony and keep water in a clay pot.

Everyday many a birds flocked around the clay pot chirping and tweeting creating a carnival of colors and sounds.

The initial apprehension of birds had turned into an unexplained admiration for Rimjhim’s kind gesture. All the birds roamed freely around the balcony even in Rimjhim’s presence.

Mrs. Sharma asked again – “Tell me quickly, why you were calling me”?

Rimjhim grabbed her hand and took her to show a cardboard box lying in the corner of the balcony.

“Mamma please look inside the box” Rimjhim whispered.

“Oh! our Kuku’s eggs” Mrs. Sharma could barely control her excitement. Kuku was the first pigeon who had dared to enter the balcony in search of regular food and water. Rimjhim had developed a special affinity for that pigeon and named him as Kuku.

“Yes, Mommy won’t it be so much fun when the tiny baby pigeons will start hopping around us.” Rimjhim said while clasping her mother’s hand tightly.

Mamma laughed at her innocence and instructed her to stay away from the eggs.

Young Rimjhim became restless. The news of expected arrival of new guests had spread far and wide. Everyone who knew Rimjhim, right from the school guard to her washerman was informed.

All her friends visited her house to see those eggs. All of them insisted and flattered Rimjhim to allow them to touch the eggs.

She leaned over the box to explore the eggs but she could not touch them due to her mother’s fear and the presence of pigeon around the eggs discouraged her.

Her mother was very carefully observing her uneasiness.

On a Sunday morning while the pigeon was away, she lifted an egg from the box trembling with fear and excitement.

She loved the touch of smooth and mildly cool egg so she picked up the other egg as well.

After carefully checking the pigeon’s eggs from all angles she put them back inside the box.

After a while she came back to the balcony and noticed the pigeon sitting on the top of the box but she also noticed that the pigeon did not enter the box. She kept waiting for almost ten minutes but the pigeon did not move into the box. Rimjhim was puzzled. But she was too scared to break this uncomfortable development to her mother.

She kept checking the box again and again but the eggs were lying unattended.

She felt remorse at her stupid action and the pangs of sorrow moved her to tears.

At night she did not eat properly and realized what a big mistake she had made by ignoring her mother’s advice.

Next morning she told her mother – “Pigeon is not sitting on the eggs”.

Her mother replied harshly – “You must have touched those pigeon’s eggs”.

Rimjhim was petrified. She mustered all her courage and asked politely – “So now pigeon will never come near those eggs”.

“No” said mother and got back to work.

Rimjhim had now realized her mistake.

She decided never to turn deaf ears to her mother’s words of wisdom. The feeling of repentance overpowered her enthusiasm and vivacity. She almost stopped going to her balcony.

A few days had passed when her mother took hold of Rimjhim’s hand and announced – “Come along with me. I have a surprise for you”.

Puzzled Rimjhim followed her to the balcony. What she noticed in the balcony was delightful enough to bring tears of joy in her eyes.

The baby pigeons were sitting on the top of the box and the pigeon was feeding them. The two little pigeons were screaming for their share.

“But mamma…” Rimjhim asked surprisingly.

Mamma interrupted and said with a grin – “I had sensed your passion for eggs and was never in doubt about your eagerness to touch the eggs. So I brought the fake eggs from the market and kept those in another similar box”.

Rimjhim jumped with joy and said – “I love you my dear mamma”.

Mamma laughed and said cheerfully – “I love you too my little Rimjhim”.

And both giggled loudly.

~ Dr. Manjari Shukla

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