Children's Day Information For Kids & Students

Children’s Day Information For Kids & Students

Children’s Day – a day dedicated to children – is observed as an event across the world to celebrate childhood and promote awareness about children’s welfare. Endorsed by global organizations and governments, this celebration aims to promote the well being of children and to uplift their social rights. In 1954, the United Nations with discretion has recognized November 20 as Universal Children’s Day to create attentiveness on the commitment on the development of children and ensure a better future. However, celebration date of Children’s Day varies but in India it is observed every year on November 14. India will celebrate Children’s Day 2020 on Saturday, November 14.

Numerous theories have been suggested pertaining to Children’s Day celebration dates. In 1925, the World Conference held in Geneva, Switzerland, has recognized June 1 to observe the International Children’s Day. But, in 1954 the United Nationals General Assembly has approved November 20 as Universal Children’s Day with the objective to promote the well being of the children and celebrate childhood. The UN has also recommended that the Day should be devoted to promote its benediction.

Nehru’s Birthday as Children’s Day:

Children’s Day coincides with the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (November 14, 1889 – May 27, 1964), first Prime Minister of India after Independence, and so is observed in a grand way. This celebration commemorates Jawaharlal Nehru for his affection towards children and faith that education of children could propel the country’s progress.

India celebrates this Day with a range of innovative and fun filled activities at schools that seems much as a festival. Various competitions, Childrens Day poems, dance and feast is organized by schools and community groups to mark the event and make it a special day for children to enjoy childhood. Additionally, the events and activities of Children’s Day festival also focus to identify the education, recreation, health, cultural, economic and social needs of children.

For many parents, it is an important date and they take initiative to celebrate Childrens Day by giving gifts and spend the day with them to make them feel special.

The enthusiasm of festival can also be witnessed in the practice of exchanging ‘Happy Childrens Day‘ wishes with the collection of lovely SMS. To celebrate the event, inspiring Childrens Day SMS or messages are available in varied languages that are just perfect to spread and share the significance of the festivity so that children deserve a better future and life.

Celebration of Childrens Day is all about to save the future of the children.

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