Rama Navami

Rama Navami Festival Images For Students

Rama Navami is one of the most important Hindu festivals. At some places the festival lasts the whole nine days of the Navratri, thus the period is called ‘Sri Rama Navaratra’. See a rich collection of stock images, vectors, or photos for Hindu festival you can use for your school / college assignments and projects…

Rama Navami Festival Images For Students And Children

Ram Navami is a religious and traditional festival, celebrated every year with great enthusiasm by the people of Hindu religion. It is celebrated to remember the birthday of the Lord Rama, son of the King Dasharatha and Queen Kausalya, of the Ayodhya kingdom. Lord Rama was the 7th avatar from the Dashavatar of the Lord Vishnu, a Hindu God. According to the Hindu calendar, this festival falls every year in the Shukla Paksha at 9th day in the month of Chaitra. Ram Navami is also called as the Chaitra Masa Suklapaksha Navami which ends as nine-day long Chaitra-Navratri celebrations.

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