Raktanchal: MX Player Hindi Web TV Series

TV Web Series Name: Raktanchal
Directed by: Ritam Srivastav
Starring: Nikitin Dheer, Kranti Prakash Jha, Soundarya Sharma
Genre: Action, Drama, Crime, Thriller, Mystery
Release Date: 28 May 2020
Original Network: MX Player

MX Player is among the well-liked video-streaming platforms for shows and web series. And recently, the platform has given some attention-grabbing web series such as Ek Thi Begum and Bhaukaal, setting the expectation bar further higher from it. In the latest of slews, MX Player will be soon releasing a new web series Raktanchal, which is said to have its origins based on true events.

The official cast of the Raktanchal is yet to be disclosed by the creators, but if the rumors and media reports are to be believed, Soundarya Sharma will be seen in the lead role. Even we will keep you posted once the remaining star cast is unveiled by the creators.


Raktanchal will be a crime thriller. The web series is a historical drama that is motivated by true incidents, which occurred in the 1980s in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The story of the web series revolves around the bloodbath in Purvanchal. The province was ripped down and suffered owing to the conflict between two mafia leaders. The show depicts the repercussions of the battle fought for money and power. Also, Raktanchal will look into the relationship between the politics and the undertakings of the mafia in that region.

The first teaser of the upcoming web series of the digital streamer was released on 18 May 2020. And the teaser clip of 0:21 sec shows a preview of the interesting crime drama.

As per the resources, the Raktanchal web series is anticipated to go on air on 28 May 2020. However, the makers have not yet disclosed the official premiere date of Raktanchal, but it is expected to be streamed in less than 2 weeks. The expectations of this series are quite elevated and it would be worth seeing how the viewers respond to it.

Raktanchal Web Series Trailer:

Raktanchal Web TV Series Review:

Nikiten Dheer’s crime drama is a nod to 80s Bollywood

Raktanchal seems to have found its inspiration in Bollywood crime dramas. The MX 4 web series which takes you to the badlands of eastern Uttar Pradesh borrows from Hindi films of 80s and 90s but then a bit of nostalgia in the present scenario may not hurt. It has all the ingredients — a wronged man who takes the path of crime to take revenge, a powerful adversary and the unholy nexus of crime, politics and power.

Raktanchal drops us in the middle of crime-infested Purvanchal as gang war escalates, and gunshots and screams echo. Two gangsters face each other in a fight-to-finish battle; understandably there is a lot of collateral damage and corruption is in sharp focus. There are even full length dance numbers, in keeping with what the genre demands. Deja vu is your constant companion as you watch Raktanchal – hero leaves the dream of a promising career to avenge his father’s death; the murderer is handed his just desserts after he is tied to a tractor and dragged through the fields.

In this world where an eye for an eye has been making the whole world blind, stirring performances are the key. Kranti Prakash Jha plays his part well as a lanky gang leader and carries Raktanchal on his shoulder. His character reminded me of Jimmy Sheirgill’s Rangbaaz Phirse for its IAS-aspirant- turned gangster story. While Jimmy’s charm worked wonders in that show, Kranti also does justice to his role. Besides him, Vikram Kocchhar is one actor who brings a smile with his twisted portrayal of coal mafia.

However, Nikiten Dheer, the most popular name among the star cast, could have done more being an antagonist. ‘Chennai Express’ Thangabali does little other than barking orders or getting angry. Blame the writer or the actor, the opportunity offered by the role of a dreaded gangster remains underutilised.

What Raktanchal misses out on is twists and turns, but it tries to make up with colorful language. The show has everything from profanity-riddled dialogue to body chopping as it showcases its time and milieu.

The show succeeds in enlightening the audience about how the land, coal and liquor mafia functioned and how it was a dirty game involving politics and corruption. Most of it boils down to the assigning of tenders which turns out to be more of a blood bath than just official paper work.

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