What is World Heart Federation (WHF)?

What is World Heart Federation (WHF)?

World Heart Federation (WHF), a nongovernmental organization, is based in the Geneva, Switzerland. An International Society of Cardiology was founded in 1946 and International Cardiology Federation in 1970. Both organizations were merged to form the International Society and Federation of Cardiology (ISFC) in 1978. Later the name of International Society and Federation of Cardiology was changed to the World Heart Federation in 1998.

It has established the World Heart Day campaign in 2000 to be celebrated every year on 29th of September. This organization and its members are dedicated to lead a major global fight against heart diseases and stroke. The strategy of this federation is especially focusing on the vulnerable areas of the world such as low and middle income countries. It is a united community, of around 200 member organizations, only global body in the world dedicated to lead this fight against heart diseases. This federation brings together strength of various medical societies and heart foundations all over the world (more than 100 countries from Asia-Pacific, East Mediterranean, Europe, the Americas and Africa).

According to the statistics, approximately 17.3 million people were died of cardiovascular diseases in 2005. In such serious situation, World Heart Federation is a hope to prevent and control heart ailments through proper awareness campaigns and actions. Heart health and disease related information and ideas are shared among people for disease prevention and control through the promotion of healthy diets, physical activities, tobacco and alcohol free living including healthy life style.

The World Heart Federation motivates the health care professionals, medical societies, policy makers, patients, organizations and other healthy individuals to come forth and participate actively in the campaign to reduce the fear of heart disease and stroke as well as ensure people for longer and better lives.

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