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System of government: Principality
Capital: Monaco-ville
Location: In western Europe on the coast of the Ligurian (Mediterranean) Sea. On land it is bounded by France
Area: 1.9 sq km (second smallest country in the world)
National composition: Monegasques, French, Italian
Religion: Roman Catholic
Official language: French
Currency: French franc = 100 centimes
Climate: Temperate, Mediterranean; hot, dry summers, mild, moist winters

Monaco occupies a narrow strip of picturesque coastland on the French Riviera. It consists of four parts: the capital, Monaco-ville; La Condamine, a residential (resort) light industrial area; Monte Carlo, known for its casino; and Fontvieille, an area recently reclaimed from the sea for residential and office buildings.

The economy depends on revenue from tourism, legalized gambling and the sale of postage stamps, and also partly from light industries producing cosmetics, electronics, porcelain and food. Monegasque citizens do not pay taxes. Monaco is one of Europe’s most popular resort areas.

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