Hawthorn, Washington

Hawthorn, WashingtonHawthorn, Washington — Washington hawthorn, C. phaenopyrum, is an ideal lawn or street tree. Its dense branches and twigs bear small, bright-scarlet, apple-like fruit in September.

The dried fruits of Crataegus pinnatifida are used in naturopathic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, primarily as a digestive aid. The fruits of the species Crataegus pinnatifida (Chinese Hawthorn) are tart, bright red, and resemble small crabapple fruits. They are used to make many kinds of Chinese snack. The fruits of Crataegus pubescens are known in Mexico as tejocotes and are eaten raw, cooked, or in jam during the winter. Several clinical trials have assessed the ability of hawthorn to help improve exercise tolerance in people with NYHA class II cardiac insufficiency compared to placebo. The wood of some hawthorn species is very hard and resistant to rot. In rural North America it was prized for use as tool handles and fence posts.

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