६६ वे गणतंत्र दिवस समारोह की झांकियां-Tableaux at the 66th Republic Day parade

Republic Day tableau गणतंत्र दिवस झांकियां

गणतंत्र दिवस समारोह की झांकियां / Republic Day tableau: Chants of Jai Shri Ram from UP and Allah hu Akbar from Delhi

Ladakh showcased its Tableau for the first time in Republic Day celebrations since it became a UT in 2019. The Tableau depicted the iconic Thiksey Monastery located on top of a hill in Thikse in Leh district.

Republic Day tableau 2021:

India is celebrating its 72nd Republic Day today. During the much-awaited R-Day Parade, the state Tableaus have always been among the top attractions. This year, 17 states displayed their culture and heritage, including Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, and first-time entrant Ladakh. Here is a list of state Tableaus and what they represented to define their state.

Uttar Pradesh Tableau

For the first time in History, Bhagwan Ram was a part of the R-Day Parade in Uttar Pradesh Tableau. With Rishi Valmiki in the front and Bhavya Ram Mandir in the back of the Tableau, the state showed how glorious and rich its culture is. The Tableau also had a hint of Saryu River, on which the state made a world record by lighting 5.84 lakh diyas on Diwali last year. The construction of the Ram Mandir that was commenced on August 5, 2020, is scheduled to be completed by 2022-23.


Karnataka tableau displayed Vijayanagara Empire via its Tableau on R-Day. It had the throne of Raja Krishnadevaraya, Hampi’s sculptures, Bhagwan Narasimha and Vithoba temples and prominent pillars and sculptures.

Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh proudly displayed Brahmotswam and Lepakshi Veerabhadra Temple. The temple is of the Vijayanagara Architectural style. It also exhibited majestic monolithic rock structure Nandi which ranked as the biggest monolithic Nandi structure in the country.


Ladakh showcased its Tableau for the first time in Republic Day celebrations since it became a UT in 2019. As a part of Jammu and Kashmir, the region did not get a chance to showcase its culture and heritage. The Tableau depicted the iconic Thiksey Monastery located on top of a hill in Thikse in Leh district. It is known as one of the most-visited tourist sites in the region. It also featured the Indian Astronomical Observatory, located in Hanle near Leh.


As always, Punjab embraced its rich Sikh heritage in its Tableau. This time, it was dedicated to Ninth Sikh Guru Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji. India and Sikhs across the world will celebrate his 400th Prakashutsav this year on April 18.


Uttarakhand’s Tableau honored the glory of Bhagwan Kedarnath in the R-Day Parade. The Tableau had the state animal musk deer at the front, followed by a model of the Kedarnath Temple at the back, along with devotees.


Remembering the rich culture of Gujarat, the Tableau had a replica of the famous Sun Temple located at Modhera. It depicted the Sabhamandap, part of the Sun Temple. It’s 52 pillars denote 52 weeks of a Solar year.

Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh showcased its rich tribal culture via Tableau on the R-Day Parade.


Sikkim’s Tableau showcased the very famous Pang Lhabsol Festival that pays homage to Kanchenjunga Devata. Every year, this festival attracts thousands of tourists from across the world.

West Bengal

West Bengal highlighted the state program to bring green culture under which it has distributed over one crore cycles among students.


Maharashtra’s Tableau was dedicated to the Bhakti movement in the state. It showcased the “The Saints of Maharashtra,” paying tribute to Vithal worshippers meeting Sant Tukaram and Chatapati Maharaj.


Tripura showcased the tribal culture and its connection with Bamboo in its Tableau. There are 19 tribes in Tripura, and all of them use Bamboo extensively. In recent times, the Tripura government has launched several programs to encourage tribes to manufacture and sell bamboo-products like water bottles, showpieces and more.

Tamil Nadu

Mamallapuram’s Shore Temple was depicted in Tamil Nadu’s Tableau. One of the most famous marvels of Indian history, this temple is a UNESCO heritage site. In 2019, the temple site was the venue of the meeting between Prime Minister Modi and Chinese Premier Xi Jinping.

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