Neelamperoor Pooram Padayani Festival

Neelamperoor Pooram Padayani Festival

The grand Padayani Festival is celebrated on the Pooram day in the Malayalam month of Chingam. The festival is mainly celebrated in the state of Kerela. The Palli Bhagavathy temple in the beautiful village Neelamperoor in Alappuzha, is beautifully decorated for the festive celebrations.

Neelamperoor Pooram Padayani: Malayalam Festival

Annam Kettu or Pakki Kolam at Pally shrine, Neelamperur having clear Buddhist history, founded by Pallyvanar
Annam Kettu or Pakki Kolam at Pally shrine, Neelamperur having clear Buddhist history, founded by Pallyvanar

As the festival of Neelamperoor Pooram Padayani is celebrated in the month of Onam, it adds an exponential scale of glitter and glory to the celebrations. The festival is very popular among the localities here.

Although the festival of Padayani is celebrated all across Kerala, yet the festive celebrations of Neelamperoor is quite different and elaborate compared to other parts. What makes the festival special in Neelamperoor is the grand procession carrying effigies of mythological characters. These effigies are prepared at local level by the artists of the state, who engage in these preparations months before the festival.

This display of wan effigies is termed as “Annam Kettu“. The procession carrying these effigies is normally organized in nights. Many tourists and visitors gather here during the festival celebrations and have a remarkable experience of Indian culture and traditions.

Time and venue of Celebrations:

The festival of Neelamperoor Pooram Padayani is organized every year around the festival of Onam in the month of September. It is held at the: Palli Bhagavathy Temple at Neelamperoor (Alappuzha district), 16 km away from Kottayam

How to reach there:

  • Nearest railway station: Kottayam, about 16 km away
  • Nearest airport: Cochin International Airport, about 76 km away


Neelamperoor is a village in Kuttanad Alappuzha district, Kerala. It is famous for its backwaters, lakes and paddy fields. People comprises both Hindu and Christian denominations.

The landmark for this place dwells with the Neelamperoor Palli Bhagavathi Temple, which is renowned for the famous festival “Pooram Padayani”, held every year after Onam festival that attracts huge crowds from different walks of life. The temple tracks back to several centuries, was originally a Buddhist temple. Neelamperoor was connected with so many famous people like PN Paniker, Neelamperoor Madhusoodhanan Nair, and so many Kadhakali artist and others.

It is an important place for the Knanaya Christian community and a church named St. George Knanaya Church is built for its believers. The church was 175 years old. The church comprises almost 900 families.

Karunattuwala, a locality near Neelamperoor, acted as a main trade centre in the olden times. Karunattuvala is the connecting place to main land Kottayam in olden days land transport was up to Karunattuvala only after that people used to depend on back water transport only. In older days the place belongs to Changanacherry taluk and later annexed to Kuttanadu taluk due to the protest from farmers.

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