Alwar Festival

Alwar Festival in Rajasthan

The charismatic town Alwar is the gateway of Rajasthan. It is also known as the land of Tigers. The city derived its name from the Salva tribe and the name Alwar is the final outcome of deformation of Salwapur, as it was called earlier.

Alwar Festival is the most popular festival in Alwar held from April 14 to April 15th annually by the district administration to promote tourism in Alwar by showcasing the culture and art of this region.

Alwar is situated at the foothills of the Aravalli ranges. The name Alwar is the final outcome of deformation of Salwapur, as it was called earlier. Alwar festival is an occasion to have lots of fun and enjoyment for three-days. The festival provides the best opportunity to showcase the folk culture, music, handicrafts and colorful traditions of the region.

The district administration organises this festival to promote tourism and highlight the rich cultural heritage of Alwar. The Alwar festival is held in Magh month of hindu calendar or in the month of February as per the English calendar. The festival begins with the huge procession being carried out through the streets.

Alwar Festival Attractions

‘Shilp Gram’ (handicraft village) is organized by the Alwar Collector and chairman of the festival committee, to showcase hand-made items and laying a stress on to promote the manual skills. Primarily, the focus is to increase tourism activities in Alwar and also to augment the rural activities of the locals.

This cultural festival holds a variety of events to engage and entertain the tourists. These events include folk music, elephant polo, fancy dress and sketching competitions for children and flower shows as well. Also, the exotic, rare and antique items of the region are exhibited here.

How to Reach Alwar Festival, Rajasthan

Alwar is easily reachable and is just 163 kms away from the Delhi airport. The place is well connected to roads that travel through various attractions points. Alwar is also easily accessible by the railway network as well. So, if you are planning to take a break from your work, take a trip to Alwar and enjoy the three day festival.

  • By Air
    The nearest airport to the Alwar city is Delhi airport, which is about 163 kms away. One can catch a bus or a train to Alwar from Delhi. The service is frequent and you can reach the city in no time.
  • By Railway
    Railway network connects Alwar with Delhi, Jodhpur, Mumbai and other important cities of India. Shatabdi Express and Superfast Express between New Delhi and Ajmer go through the Alwar railway station. Also, there is Intercity Express, which connects Delhi Sarai Rohilla, Alwar & Jaipur and Mandore Express that connects Delhi Sarai Rohilla, Alwar and Jodhpur.
  • By Road
    There is a regular bus service between Delhi and Alwar. The buses operate between Delhi, Alwar, Sariska, Bharatpur, Deeg, Jaipur and many other key cities of Rajasthan. Also, you can hire a cab of your own, if you want to make stops in between your journey.

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