Relieve your stress

Relieve your stress

Stress can be handled very well once we reach a level of calm and balance. Life can become very enjoyable then…

My client walks into my office extremely agitated and wringing his hands in the air. ‘There are thoughts in my head that are constantly running, they get louder and louder and I get very impatient.’ He seems to have struggled for hours with his negatively tuned thoughts. He can’t seem to turn them off, they rule his life completely. He feels fearful and a prisoner of his own mind. I allow him to sit down and calm himself first and then we talk. Sometimes in life we become so stressed that it becomes difficult to turn off the mind. We notice that trying to calm the mind only amplifies the inner anxiety and chatter.

Although I personally feel that for people like this we only have one good solution and that is meditation which actually takes you to a level of calm. But also we cannot meditate if we are agitated so we need to do something that makes us so busy that the negative thoughts have no time to harass us or be continuously bothersome.

Get active

When we are in a joyful activity we are living completely in the now. This allows us to be very much at one with everything we are doing. When we allow ourselves to be completely focused on something we live in the moment and this has a very calming effect on the mind. Exercise lifts our burden and helps us to release tension. We get a burst of endorphins as we exercise.

Write a journal

As thoughts are racing through the mind just capture them and put them on paper. This way you will manage to get rid of your negative thoughts. While they stay in the mind it is always stressful once we have written them down it is like a catharsis and we are rid of the stress they create.

Meditation helps

This is one of the greatest tools for stress relief as well as a great way of calming the mind. It has the maximum amount of stress relieving capacity.

Stay positive

Meditation increases brain activity in an area of the brain associated with happiness and positive thoughts and emotions. Research shows that continuous practice brings prolonged positive changes. A quiet mind gets us into an altered state of consciousness.

In this way we experience each moment and then let it go so that we can experience the next. Many of our thoughts are comprised of the past or aimed at shaping the future. So it is important if we want our thoughts to be positive that we be in the present.

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