Chinese New Year Greetings

Chinese New Year Greetings for Students

Chinese New Year Greetings for Students: You are missing your close friend in China… why not convey New Year greetings in Chinese to him / her and surprise. Chinese New Year wishes are not just for your loved ones in China but, for all those whom you care for.

Express you affection and happiness by adding cute New Year greetings with you gifts and messages.

Here are beautiful Chinese New Year greetings.

Chinese New Year Greetings for Students

Traditionally, an elaborate feast is prepared in each household on Chinese New Year, to pay respect and tribute to ancestors and all those who have passed away. All traditional food items, like chicken, fish, noodles, and rice, are cooked on the day. The noodles should be uncut as they symbolize a long life. Any white food item, such as curd, is not to be included, as the color white is unlucky and symbolizes death. Rice is taken with chicken and other foods and also in the form of sweet pudding. A traditional vegetarian item called “Jai” is also prepared in all households, on Chinese New Year, and has significant value. It is a combination of various fibrous roots, like lotus seeds, gingko biloba nuts, bamboo shoots, etc, which signify wealth and abundance.

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