Syamantakam - Story of most famous jewel in Hindu mythology

Syamantakam – Story of most famous jewel in Hindu mythology

It was a wonderful place. There was a long passage. On the walls on both sides, were beautiful painting-scenes from the ‘Ramayana’. Krishna was surprised. He followed the story in pictures as he walked along the passage. The story ended when he entered a big hall.

Some children were playing in the big hall. They were playing with a brilliant gem. Krishna knew at once that it was ‘Syamantakam’.

Jambavan Kills Lion
Jambavan Kills Lion

The children were frightened at the sight of a stranger. They cried out for help.

Suddenly, Krishna heard a thunderous roar. He saw a huge monkey rushing to attack him. There was no time to explain why he was there. The huge monkey jumped at Krishna. There was nothing Krishna could do except defend himself.

It was a terrible fight. The monkey lashed at Krishna, and Krishna fought back. The fight lasted a long time.

Now, this huge monkey was Jambavan, one of the heroes of ‘Ramayana‘. He had grown very old and had retired. With his many children and grandchildren, Jambavan was living happily in that beautiful cave.

Nobody had disturbed him there. Now, a stranger had come and frightened his children. Jambavan did not like it. He wanted to turn out the stranger.

Jambavan fought Krishna, and Krishna fought back. Neither of them would yield to the other. The terrific force of the battle shook the entire jungle.

Krishna had not gone there to fight. He did not wish to fight Jambavan, the veteran ‘Ramayana’ hero. Krishna wanted to stop the fighting somehow. So he rushed forward, caught hold of Jambavan, and threw him aside with great force.

Jambavan was surprised. Nobody had ever defeated him. He looked at the man who had thrown him down. Then he saw Krishna in form of Lord Vishnu. And within that form he saw the image of his old master Rama.

Jambavan was sad that he had fought his own master. He fell at the feet of Krishna and asked for forgiveness. Krishna embraced Jambavan and said: “It was our bad luck that we had to fight each other. But I am happy to meet you, and to see you as strong as ever.”

Jambavan shed tears of joy.

Then they sat down to talk. Krishna told Jambavan why he had come to the jungle and how he had come to the cave.

“My Lord,” said Jambavan, “the precious stone you are looking for is here; I saw a lion with it and I took it from him. I gave it to the children to play with.”

Jamabavan went in and brought ‘Syamantakam’. He gave it to Krishna. Everybody was happy. Jambavan’s children and grandchildren came out and asked Krishna for his blessings.

After sometime, Krishna took leave of Jambavan. Outside the cave, he joined his companions and went straight to Satrajit’s home.

Satrajit was happy when he got back the precious ‘Syamantakam’. He fell at Krishna’s feet. He told Krishna how sorry he was for his evil thoughts and the ugly rumors. Satrajit begged for Krishna’s forgiveness. He offered ‘Syamantakam’ to Krishna as a gift.

Jambavan offers his daughter in marriage to Sri Krishna
Jambavan offers his daughter in marriage to Sri Krishna

But Krishna did not want the precious stone. He was glad that he had proved his innocence. He was happy that he had won back the love and trust of the people, young and old.

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