Clever Kalu

Clever Kalu

Honey Elephant’s body was so huge that his classmates got frightened after seeing him. He was extremely naughty and he always used to irritate his class fellows.

Sometime he used to tumble down Meeku Monkey from his trunk and at times he used to walk over Bobo Rabbit’s tail. Once, he threw away Heera Deer’s school-bag in the pond. Everyday, he used to snatch everybody’s lunch boxes.

The Principal of the school even complained to his father, Hathi Ram, but he never listened to anyone.

One day, everything got out of control. Honey selected a new and deserted road while going back home. On the way he thought about testing his strength.

There was Nanhe and Munni sparrow’s nest on a tree. Both of them sat on a branch and suddenly they saw Honey Elephant shook the tree very badly. They pleaded to him not to shake the tree so wildly. But he collided with the tree more forcefully.

Their nest tumbled down from the tree. The eggs from the nest fell out and were broken. Nanhe and Munni started crying.
Honey laughed and went away smiling as if nothing has happened.

Kalu Woodpeaker watched all this from the tree besides them. He came near them.

“He is still wicked as his father. We all should plan together and teach him a lesson ,” said Kalu.

“We cannot do anything to him, Kalu brother,” said Munni while she cried.

“But we can try. What do you say, Nanhe brother?” Kalu asked. He continued, “I have a plan to punish him.”

He immediately called his friends. Meena Fly and Teenu Frog did not take long to reach there.

Next day, after the school, Honey again went through the same lane. He walked a few steps when suddenly Meena Fly came and started irritating him. She stroked his nose and ears. Then she started roaming around Elephant’s eyes. Honey was trying to get rid of the Fly.

Frustrated Elephant started shaking his trunk. In a while Kalu Woodpecker came with a packet full of dust and sand. He emptied the contents of the bag over Honey.

Honey starts shouting as the dust particles went inside his eyes. He cried, “Water, water.” When suddenly Teenu Frog started croaking.

Honey thought that this sound must be coming from some nearby pond. He fumbled but walked towards the direction of the sound.

Teenu was not in any pond but he was sitting near a big deep pit.

As soon as Honey moved towards him, Teenu moved away and Honey fell down in the pit.

Clever Kalu

“Now, he has to rest for at least 2 days here. Nobody use this road and so he cannot ask for any help. Even his parents have gone out of the town for two days,” said Kalu Woodpecker.

Kalu flew and sat beside Meena and Teenu as Honey fell down.

“He thought that his huge body gives him the right to torture the small animals. For now long can such wicked power rule?” said Meena angrily.

“Let us go and tell this good news to Nanhe and Munni. Both of them are very depressed. Probably, they do not realise that unity is all powerful. All of us together planned and worked like a team. We got what we desired,” said Teenu as he bounced. Meena Fly and Kalu Woodpecker also joined.

~ Rojina Ansari

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