Valentine's Day Decoration

Valentine’s Day Decoration For Romantic Parties

Valentine’s Day Decoration For Romantic Parties: Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to decorate your abode in the most romantic way and convey it to your beloved how much he / she means to you. Decorating your home for Valentine’s Day is a great way to add romance and beauty to your love nest.

Valentine’s Day decoration requires some attention to minute details, as everything you do is intended to express something. Valentine’s Day decoration becomes a bit hyped, if you are throwing a party and calling all friends and relatives. It also depends on what kind of party you are throwing. Read on further for ideas on how to make romantic party decorations for Valentines Day.

Valentine’s Day decoration For Party

  • First, clean and dust your home from top to bottom. Wipe off the dust from every nook and corner and remove unnecessary clutter.
  • Decorate the ceiling with red and white balloons and streamers, with some glitter thrown in.
  • Decorate the couches and chairs with pink cushions. Change the curtains and drapes to any shade of red or pink. It adds a touch of sensuality and warmth to your home.
  • The dinner or snacks table should have a floral centerpiece dominated with red roses along with carnations and orchids.
  • Arrange for red plastic plates or pretty pink ones that have little hearts drawn on them. Same goes for the glasses and tissues. The tissue holders can be pink or red and the tissues can be a contrasting color.
  • To add more life to your room, stick big hearts on your most dominant wall. These hearts are easily available in the market or can be made at home.
  • Make a big banner with a romantic love quote written in bold letters in red. Hang it such that it is visible, as soon as one enters the room.
  • Flowers are indispensable for decorations on an occasion like Valentine’s Day. Scatter rose petals around the room to create an extremely romantic ambiance.
  • You can hang ready-made cupids. These cupids are easily available in the market or you can ask your neighborhood kids to make them for you.
  • Keep aroma burners at significant corners in your home, to infuse sensual smell in every nook and corner of your home.
  • Candle decorations will make the ambiance very romantic. Several designer and fancy candles are available in the stores and you can light the candles, which suit your idea or romance.
  • You can also try putting some romantic posters, but make sure they are not cheesy. Go for posters that convey an aesthetic sense of romance.
  • In case you have planned for a romantic dinner for just the two of you, get some heart shaped napkins to decorate the dinner table. You can also fold your regular napkins in the shape of a heart.

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