Parents Day Flowers: Information For Children

Parents Day Flowers: Information For Children

Parents Day Flowers: Parents are our lifeline. They raise us with unconditional love and sacrifice a lot to make us better human beings. But often we tend take them for granted. Parents day gives you the opportunity to thank your parents for everything they did for you in your upbringing and what can be more apt than a thoughtful gift to express your sentiments. Sometimes simple gifts are the best gifts to express your emotions and a bouquet of flower does exactly that. Ask a local florist to deliver a nice bouquet to your parents on this special day. If your parents live in a different city, then there are plenty of online florists available to help you out. To make it more special, add a handwritten personal message to the bouquet. Your parents are going to be thrilled with joy. If your budget is not restrained then consider getting a lavish gift for them as well.

Read through this article to know which flowers can best convey your message to your parents.

Parents Day Flowers

  • If you want your parents to remember some happy incidents from your childhood, then wish them with a bouquet of forget-me-nots that signifies remembrance and memories. To make it more personal, attach a handwritten note to it. You can consider referring to some old incidents that will make your parents happy.
  • Want to wish good health to your parents on parents day? If yes, then a bouquet of ‘feverfew’ is what you need.
  • The ‘day lily’ is the Chinese emblem for mothers. So, you can also consider sending a bouquet made of these beautiful flowers to your parents to thank them for all their sacrifices, love, affection, care, and support.
  • The ‘white carnation’ is another great choice to wish your parents on parents day. The flower stands for innocence, faithfulness, good luck, and purity. A pink carnation signifies a mother’s love.
  • If you are looking for ideas to express your heartfelt gratitude to your parents, then a bouquet of fresh ‘camellias’ can best suit your purpose.
  • A good idea can be to gift your parents a flower vase and decorate it nicely with an assortment of flowers. Couple it with a personal note and keep in a corner table in the living room. Your parents will definitely feel happy and proud of you.
  • If your budget is not restrained, then pamper your parents with a nice gift as a token of gratitude along with a bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers.

Some Interesting Facts

  • In Korea, red and pink carnations are used by children to express their thanks, gratitude, and love towards their parents on parents day.
  • In many countries, white carnations are used and worn on parents day. A white carnation signifies the purity of the bond between kids and parents and it also symbolizes the purity of a parent-child relationship.
  • In 1907, Anna Jarvis chose a white carnation as an emblem on mothers day, as the carnation was her mothers much loved flower.

If you are running out of ideas or if you are looking for some creative ways to wish your parents or if you are on a tight budget, then a bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers is the best way to express your emotions and make your parents feel special!

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