New Year Songs: Poems & Traditional Songs

New Year Songs: Poems & Traditional Songs

Top 10 New Year Songs

Songs are at the heart of festive occasion, and so is true for New Year. Songs can convey the true meaning and spirit of every festivity. New Year is a very joyous occasion marked with grand parties and lavish treats. You would want to include some inspiring numbers with an upbeat tempo in your New Year play list to rock the party. Below given are top 10 New Year songs which are a must-play on the New Year party. These songs are motivational, soul-stirring and meaningful, which will boost your spirits to welcome the New Year with great enthusiasm.

Most Popular New Year Songs

“Auld Lang Syne”, sung by Relient K

Alternative music fans have long enjoyed the sarcastic take of Relient K on lyrics. However, this beautifully harmonized version of the old classic New Year song, “Auld Lang Syne will be surely enjoyed by everyone.

“Brand New Year (My Revolution)”, sung by SHeDaisy

This song by SHeDaisy is a hopeful and forward-looking anthem of the resolution in the song Brand New Year. The song has inspiring lyrics like It’s never been so clear / Second chance is what got me here / To live, to love today / ‘Cause it’s a brand new year. The upbeat tempo of the song is definitely a great way to mark the beginning of the New Year.

“Seasons Of Love” Sung By Cast of RENT (Movie Soundtrack)

Some very beautiful harmonies have been used in the song. “Five hundred, twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes / how do you measure a year in the life?” are some of the beautiful words from the song.

“Nothin’ New For The New Year” Sung By Harry Connick jr. & George Jones

The song brings together the two great singers, Harry Connick, Jr. and George Jones. The song is not very upbeat, as it is themed on the pain of a lost love. Nevertheless, it is a great New Year song to be included in your playlist.

“Funky New Year” Sung By The Eagles

This is a peppy and really funky number by the Eagles on the lively spirit of New Year. The song will be especially loved by the classic rock nroll fans. What year is this anyway?” brings gives you a new high.

“New Year” Sung By Charlie Hall

This song by Charlie hall is an inspirational song, filled with hope for the coming Year. “This is a new year/this is a new day to rise, shine, lift up your eyes” are some motivating words from the song.

“New Year Sung By The Beautiful Republic

This is a hopeful number on New Year, which has been beautifully harmonized. It is a must-include number for your New Year playlist!

“Another Year Has Gone By” Sung By Celine Dion

This is a very popular New Year song by Celine Dion. “Another year has gone by/And I’m still the one by your side/After everything that’s gone by/There’s still no one saying goodbye/Though another year has gone by ” are some beautiful lines from this romantic number.

“My! My! Time Flies Sung By Enya

An upbeat number which will remind you how quickly time passed by in the last year, as if it had wings! It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Enya’s perky voice has done full justice to the spirited song. 

“Dona Nobis Pacem (Give Us Peace) / Auld Lang Syne Sung By Yo-Yo Ma

A perfect song to mark the end of the year passing by and the entering of New Year! The song ignites hopes and aspirations of a better, more peaceful life!

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