Mothers Day Celebrations Information

Mothers Day Celebrations Information

Mothers Day Celebrations Information: Mother’s Day is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm in over 46 countries across the globe. Though Mother’s Day celebrations take place at different times around the world what is remarkably same are the feelings with which people celebrate Mother’s Day. This is so because mothers are as caring in East as they are in the West. The difference between mothers from one part of the world to the other simply does not exist and so are the feelings of children. All over the world people love to celebrate Mother’s Day with their mothers and shower love on them.

How is Mothers Day Celebrated?

In many countries special prayer services are held in churches in honor of mothers. But the most common method of celebrating Mother’s Day is to treat mothers with breakfast in bed. Children allow their mothers to sleep till late in the morning while they along with their father juggle in the kitchen to prepare her favorite breakfast. Most often a Mother’s Day card and a bunch of bouquet accompany the meticulously laid breakfast. Many children prepare a card themselves a day before Mother’s Day. Some also make handmade gifts to show their respect and affection for their mother. Grown up children prefer to buy gifts from the stores ranging from clothes, accessories to jewelry.

Cakes, cookies and pies are the favorite dishes prepared on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Some consider having dinner at home with the family as an ideal way of celebrating Mother’s Day, many on the other hand prefer to dine out. Hence, restaurants are seeing more business then ever on the occasion of Mothers Day.

Since Mother’s Day is observed as a holiday in lot of countries many like to take the opportunity to go out for family picnics and have fun. In several schools, celebrations of Mother’s Day are organized wherein children present skits, songs and plays to honor mothers.

What can children do on Mother’s Day?

There are a lot of games and activities which may be planned on Mother’s Day. But besides the euphoria of celebration people must not forget that the day is meant to make mothers feel special. On Mother’s Day, children must be nice to their mom and give them a days rest. Its a wonderful idea to complete household chores on the day and make your mama feel that you acknowledge the importance of all she does to run the house so smoothly. Elder children may book a parlor or a spa treatment for mothers and make them care for themselves as most mothers find it difficult to get time for themselves.

Time for Family Reunion

People staying away from the families make efforts to spend the day with mothers and grandmothers to make them feel special. This way Mothers Day has turned out to be family reunion day for many. While those who cannot visit their moms call their mother on phone and send greeting cards to express their gratitude and love for them.

Commercialization of Mothers Day

The festival of Mother’s Day is based on the emotions shared between mother and a child and marketers make all efforts to convert the sentiments into profit. Rigorous advertising campaigns are launched days before the festival to lure people so that they spend more money on the day. Though this helps to promote Mother’s Day and raise awareness about it, but somewhere along the line the noble ideas behind the celebration of Mother’s Day get lost and what remains is the formality to exchange gifts. Founder of Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis was particularly annoyed with the high level of commercialization of Mother’s Day in US.

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