Janmashtami Decorations: Lord Krishna Artifacts

Janmashtami Decorations And Artifacts

Janmashtami Decorations: On the day of Janmashtami, devotees undertake decorations of their home and temple. Read on to explore Krishna Janmashtami Decoration Ideas.

The festival of Janmashtami is celebrated as the birth day of Lord Krishna who was born as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu in Dwapara Yuga. It is celebrated on the eight day of the second fortnight of the Sravana month according to the Hindu calendar. This day corresponds to the August-September month of the Gregorian calendar. Lord Krishna who was born to proud parents Devaki and Vasudeva in Mathura spent his entire childhood and most of his adolescence in Gokul. Right from his birth, he exhibited his extraordinary powers and thus his birthday was celebrated as the day of fortune in the country even thousands of years back.

Krishna was born as the savior of religion and promoter of mankind on earth. Thus, unlike other God Krishna became more of a friend and guide to most of his devotees. He in his life time also emerged as a promoter of brotherhood and friendship owing to his relation with Arjuna. Devotees of Krishna thus regard him as the ultimate deity, a god in all forms and commemorate his earthy presence by the celebration of Janmashtami. On this day, the fasting and feasting at their home go hand in hand. During the two days celebration in the Janmostva of Krishna, they decorate their house and temples with flowers and decorate the cradle of Lord Krishna similar to ambience of heaven in order to welcome the Lord.

Krishna Janmashtami Decorations:

  • Krishna Sculptures & Cradle
    The statue of Lord Krishna and his cradle is decorated to the best in the Janmashtami. The statue is decorated is bathed in panchamrit (honey, Gangajal and ghee) and decorated with new bright clothes and garlands. The cradle of Krishna is decorated with marigold and rose flowers and adorned with different kinds of bells and torans.
  • Wall & Door Hangings Of Lord Krishna
    There are people who do not establish idols of the Lord rather decorate their home with the wall and door hangings with pictures of Lord Krishna pasted over them. Some people also decorate their home through using popular Janmashtami symbols like flute, peacock feather etc. These decorative items create an ambience of the existence of Lord Krishna in their home.
  • Temple Decorations
    During Janmashtami, temples of Lord Krishna are beautifully decorated. Generally, the temples are decorated with natural flowers and the tableau depicting popular incidents from Lord Krishna’s life. The grandeur of the decoration of Janmashtami at Dwarakadheesh temple in Mathura is worth watching.

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