Father's Day Traditions

Fathers Day Traditions For Students And Children

Father is an important part in everyone’s life. He has equal share in nurturing his children. Since he is generally the head of the household and the bread earner of the family, he is loaded with a number of responsibilities, right from nourishment of the kids to their health, education and finance. He would try hard to fulfill all the dreams (even the craziest one) of his family, by putting his own desires on hold. He truly deserves a day specially dedicated to him, so that he is made to realize how important he is in everyone’s life in the family. Here comes the importance of Fathers Day, which is a day set apart for saluting the supreme role of fatherhood. Not a religious occasion though, a number of traditions are prevalent in the countries celebrating the day. Given below are some of the most popular traditions for Fathers Day.

Fathers Day Traditions For Students And Children

  • One of the very popular Father’s Day traditions is giving gifts. Fathers are presented gifts by their children on the occasion. Some of the most common gifts chosen for Father’s Day include greeting cards, chocolates, books, DVDs of movies and music and weekend getaway. People often do charity in the name of their father, during the occasion.
  • Spending time with the significant man in a family get-together is another popular tradition. This is especially suitable for large families. On the day, family get-together is organized at the personal level, which commonly feature brunch buffet. Many people arrange picnics on the day.
  • If you are small children at your home, you can make the day even more special, by asking the little ones to sing songs and rhymes for their dad. You may indulge the kids in making crafts for the ‘guest of honor’ on his big day.
  • Dining with dad is an important tradition observed by all the people alike, on Father’s Day. It may be a luncheon, lunch or dinner. People either cook food for their father or take them to their favorite restaurant for delighting their taste buds.
  • Writing letter to their dad is a good old tradition, observed on Father’s Day. You may write letter to your daddy, detailing the things that you admire about him, as well as the special moments that you have shared with him, all through the years. Due to the technical advancement, the tradition of posting letters via mail is fading away and replaced by e-mails. Whatever the media is, make sure that you send a letter to your dad, this Father’s Day.
  • In many countries, societies, schools and clubs have been organizing cultural programs, competitions to commemorate Father’s Day and pay tribute to fatherhood. Some of the common programs include craft making competitions, games and sports events. Board games play a prominent role in entertaining the people and the guest of honor.

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