Father's Day Sermon: Tips For Father Day Sermon

Fathers Day Sermon For Students And Children

Father’s Day is celebrated with a lot of vigor, fanfare and enthusiasm by children all across the world. It gives them a perfect opportunity to articulate feelings and gratitude to their dearest daddy. Right from throwing a grand party to hosting a brunch or even getting gifts and presents, there are a lot of things that children indulge in. While entertainment takes most of the celebration aspect, expression of love, care, concern and gratitude follows a close second. Many children indulge in giving sermon on Father’s Day, to rightly articulate all what they feel to their dad. The sermon also strengthens the bond of love between a father and a child. However, before giving a sermon, it is very important to plan and prepare it. In the following lines, we have provided some tips which you should follow, before and while delivering a sermon.

Tips: Fathers Day Sermon For Students And Children

  • Before even preparing for the sermon, you need to fix the duration of the address. It can vary from being a five minutes sermon to one that lasts for about fifteen minutes.
  • It is very important that your sermon should be based on credible sources. It can either be based on the verses from the Bible or some quotes given by famous people. Whatever be the matter, make sure it depicts the lovely relation of a father and child.
  • Since your sermon would be a direct reflection of your thoughts, take sufficient time to make it an effective one. Read well before selecting the passages or quotes.
  • Your job is only half done after you have selected the passage or quote. It is imperative for you to place them well. You can either recite them right in the beginning, in the middle or even at the end.
  • According to the standard norm, most of the sermons begin with famous quotes or Bible passages, followed by some examples from the history about the pious relationship between a father and a child and then proceeds on to a personal level, describing the relationship of the spokesperson with his/her father.
  • A well written sermon is not enough – delivering it in the right manner holds the key for making an impression in the minds of the listener. Voice modulation and speed are two basic elements you need to adhere to. While the first helps you lay emphasis on certain aspects, the second facilitates better understanding. The pitch and clarity of voice are other things to consider.
  • Lastly, do not make your sermon boring and uninteresting. A sleeping audience is the last thing you would want, on Father’s Day. Remember, the sermon you give should be grip the attention of your listener and create a positive impact.

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